Frequently asked questions


How does Presta Espresso make perfect espresso?

Because you can pressurize it to 9 bars, the same as a café coffee machine.  Read more here.


What pumps do you recommend to use for Presta Espresso?

Most pumps with a presta valve adapter or nozzle will do.  For best results, we recommend a manual floor or foot pump with a long hose (to reach table height) and a pressure gauge so you can pump it accurately to 130psi/9 bars. 

We like using this pump with Presta Espresso.


Can I use an electric pump, air compressor or gas canister?

No.  This could damage your coffee maker and could be dangerous. 


Can I use Presta Espresso on a coffee maker other than a Bialetti Mako Espress?

We recommend you only fit Presta Espresso to the popular traditional Bialetti Moka Espress stovetop coffee makers.  We have used successfully made hundreds of espressos using Presta Espresso on Bialetti Moka Espress stovetop coffee makers, up to 130psi.

Currently, Presta Espresso is not suitable for other stovetop coffee makers.  For example, other coffee makers may be damaged by the high pressure and/or may have unsuitable valve holes.  We may investigate adapting Presta Espresso for other coffee makers if there is enough demand – let us know if you are interested!

We make no representation or warranty that your coffee maker is capable of withstanding high pressure.


What happens if I pump up my coffee maker above 130psi?

Presta Espresso valves are designed for pressurizing to 130psi.  Whilst Bialetti Moka Espresso coffee makers were not originally designed for this purpose, we have safely and successfully made hundreds of espressos using Presta Espresso fitted to these coffee makers, pumped up to 130psi. 

However, do not exceed 130psi.  If you do, you risk damaging your coffee maker or causing injury.  Even if you just exceed this pressure a little, you may damage the perforated filter inside your coffee maker.  If the filter deforms or cracks, you will need to replace it.  You can readily buy replacement filters.  


Are you associated with Bialetti?

No.  See our terms and conditions.