Make perfect espresso with your bike pump

About Presta Espresso

Presta Espresso converts a stovetop coffee maker into an espresso machine.  You simply pour in hot water and then pressurise it with a bike pump.  It reaches the same pressure as a cafe espresso machine, so it makes delicious full bodied espresso with thick crema every time.

Perfect for your home, office, holidays, camping or anywhere with hot water.

How it works

Presta Espresso changes the one-way valve of a Bialetti Moka Espress stovetop coffee maker with a new valve so you can pressurise it with a bike pump instead of a stove.  This allows you to pump it to 9 bars of pressure for 20-30 second extractions, the same as a commercial espresso machine. 

You control the water temperature too, because you pour in the water from a kettle, not a stove. 

Presta Espresso is very simple to fit to your own stovetop coffee maker using the instructions below.  You can also buy a “ready to pump” Presta Espresso coffee maker, with the Presta valve pre-fitted to a Bialetti Moka Espress 3 cup coffee maker.

Click the links below for instructions on how to install and use Presta Espresso.

How to install Presta Espresso

How to use Presta Espresso


Product information and tips

Technical details

  • Presta valve – stainless steel shaft, nuts and washers, with copper tip.
  • O-rings – food grade silicone, FDA certified

Suitable stovetop coffee makers

We recommend you only fit Presta Espresso to the popular traditional Bialetti Moka Espress stovetop coffee makers.  We have used successfully made hundreds of espressos using Presta Espresso on Bialetti Moka Espress stovetop makers. 

Currently, Presta Espresso is not suitable for other stovetop coffee makers.  For example, other coffee makers may be damaged by the high pressure and/or may have unsuitable valve holes.  We may investigate adapting Presta Espresso for other coffee makers if there is enough demand – let us know if you are interested!