Coffee tips and recommendations

Tips for making perfect espresso

Coffee.  Use quality freshly roasted espresso coffee beans.  For coffee recommendations, see below.

Grind and tamping. Use a fine espresso grind.   Tamp until evenly and densely packed, applying moderate pressure.  Finer grind and denser tamping increase the pressure required to extract the coffee.

Extraction time.  Try different coffee grind and tamping combinations so that the coffee flows once you pump to 110-130psi and extracts 30mL within 20 to 30 seconds. 

Water temperature.  We recommend using water around 90°C for dark roasted coffee


Recommended coffee roasters

We love the coffee roasted by the following local roasters.


The Maling Room

206 Canterbury Rd, Canterbury, Victoria

Seven Seeds

 114 Berkeley Street, Carlton, Canada 

Market Lane Coffee

Shop 13, Prahran Market

163 Commercial Road (Elizabeth Street entrance), South Yarra, Victoria