How to install


Step 1. Prepare the Presta valve and coffee maker. 

Remove the plastic cap, metal washer and hexagonal nut and one large o-ring from the Presta valve.  Leave last two o-rings on the valve.  Separate the lower chamber from the coffee maker.  Get a tool for turning nuts - a spanner, wrench, pliers, bike-multi tool or vice-grip will do.


Step 2. Remove the existing valve from the lower chamber.

Carefully unscrew the valve using a spanner or shifter.


Step 3.  Insert Presta valve. 

Insert Presta valve through valve hole, from the inside of the coffee maker. Push it as far through as you can then wiggle a little until one black rubber o-ring fits snugly inside the hole.


Step 4.  Add the large o ring and round washer.

Slide a large o ring and then round washer along the valve until it touches the outside of the coffee maker.


Step 5.  Screw on the hexagonal nut. 

Screw the nut along the valve until tight, using a spanner or shifter.  Do not tighten too much.  Stop before the washer flattens or scratches the coffee maker.


Step 6. Test.

Fill the coffee maker with cold water and coffee, using the "How to use" instructions above.  Attach and lock the bike pump connection to the valve.  Pump up carefully to about 100 psi (7 bar), while listening and watching for any leaks.  If it leaks, tightened the hexagonal nut a little, then pump it up again. If it still leaks, loosen the nut then wiggle the valve until the o-ring fits snugly inside the valve hole. Then screw the nut back on tightly.


Now you are ready to make Presta Espresso!


Suitable stovetop coffee makers

We recommend you only fit Presta Espresso to the popular traditional Bialetti Moka Espress stovetop coffee makers.  We have used successfully made hundreds of espressos using Presta Espresso on Bialetti Moka Espress stovetop makers. 

Currently, Presta Espresso is not suitable for other stovetop coffee makers.  For example, other coffee makers may be damaged by the high pressure and/or may have unsuitable valve holes.  We may investigate adapting Presta Espresso for other coffee makers if there is enough demand – let us know if you are interested!